Why are we bored?

When all we feel like doing is sleep cos we feel some kind of fatigue most of the time that’s when boredom has totally kicked in. Are we feeling sick and tired about some thing(s)? Are we very used to getting/doing anything we want the moment we feel like having/doing it at the soonest – instant gratification? Have we become all too serious that we are unable to laugh at our past for the precious life lessons learned the hard way? What if everything that has happened has happened for good regardless of how bad it may have been perceived? What if there’s a field beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing?

We all have freewill choices. We can dread in silence and complain within or out aloud about how we just feel so bored of living and wish for this boredom to end at the soonest or we can choose to simply breathe and be aware of each time we breathe in and each time we breathe out making patience the biggest strength that we will ever need knowing even a second ago was the past and it’s over in the present moment. We can choose to anchor patience as our biggest strength. Then, when boredom kicks in, the anchor keeps us between feeling nothing and everything. 

If life is like a game of snakes and ladders where every player plays till the top winner box is reached even if there is only one person left playing then it can get quite intense sometimes as we may tend to find it pointless to continue playing alone. But we do have a choice to become playful with patience as the biggest strength and play the game well till we reach the winner box even if we are all alone.

How playful can we be in all areas of life?

First blog post – Hi how are you?

Hi Fellow Universal Beings… how many times do we feel like truly answering that we feel good instead of just saying so when we are asked “how are you?” Those are the times we know we could be hiding our emotions of feeling the following:

  • Lost
  • Afraid
  • Frustrated
  • Guilty
  • Shame
  • Betrayed
  • Sad
  • Numb
  • Suicidal
  • And the list can go on…

With so much emphasis that feeling positive is the best way to be sometimes it just feels really hard to choose to put away all other feelings and simply feel good for the moment. Sometimes we may also feel afraid of coming across as being toxic if we truly shared what we feel. Some of us may have also tried seeking help actively to feel better but somehow it may have seemed like an endless cycle of ups and downs and we feel bored or frustrated at what it feels like to be living life.

Well here are a few questions we can think about:

  • Why are we feeling bored?
  • Are we looking for a point of arrival?
  • What does it mean to be a human being?